Project Coordinator

South Sudan


Field based position is based in Jonglei State, South Sudan.

Starting Date & Initial Contract Details

September 2020. Full time, 12 to 24 months.

Role Overview

Manage the implementation and coordination of the designated field projects. Providing leadership, strategic direction, management and evaluation of all aspects of the Medair projects, the Project Coordinator also plays a key role in liaison with local authorities and other relevant stakeholders, team leadership and security.

Project Overview

Jonglei State is affected by multiple humanitarian crises including inter-communal violence, displacement, food insecurity, flooding, and locusts. In accordance with its humanitarian mandate, Medair plans to open a new static site to provide emergency health, nutrition, and WASH interventions in Jonglei State. The new project team will be tasked with completing needs assessments in two counties, finalizing the areas and sectors of intervention and scaling up emergency response over an initial two-year cycle.

Our Culture

Key Activity Areas

Project and Base Setup

  • Lead initial needs assessments to examine health, nutrition and WASH needs in potential target counties in Jonglei State to determine the location of intervention. Identify a location and establish a static base with office and residence facilities. Develop and maintain relationships with relevant stakeholders in the new location.
  • Oversee the launch of initial health, nutrition, and WASH activities and the scale-up of project activities.


Project Management

  • Oversee the overall implementation of the designated project(s) in consultation with the relevant Project Manager(s) and in accordance with the project proposals, ensuring objectives are met within the required time frame and budget. Where necessary ensure preventative and corrective action is taken.
  • Manage an activity plan for the designated project(s), including resource needs analysis, covering the time frame of the project proposal. Support relevant Project Manager(s) in day-to-day decision making as requested.
  • Ensure regular monitoring against project objectives and complete and timely reporting of activities to Medair in-country and GSO managers, donors, line managers and any other relevant bodies.
  • Support the Programme Funding Manager, the Deputy Country Director and the Country Director by providing input into the development and production of new concepts and proposals.
  • Develop an implementation strategy which is appropriate to the country context and strategy.



  • Represent Medair at relevant meetings in order to facilitate and ensure cooperation and partnerships.
  • Liaise regularly with UNOCHA, cluster leads and co-leads for all relevant sectors, representatives of the Government of South Sudan and other partners and stakeholders.
  • Accompany donors on field trips and ensure programme details are transmitted in a timely manner.


Financial Management

  • Plan and construct the budgets for the designated projects, in accordance with donor guidelines.
  • Working with the relevant Project Manager(s), ensure that budgets are spent according to donor proposals and regulations and within the appropriate timeframe, making any budget adjustment recommendations to the Deputy Country Director and Country Director in a timely manner.
  • Monitor the spending of the designated project(s) to ensure they operate in line with Medair and donor guidelines for financial accounting and reporting practices.


Staff Management

  • Line manage three (Sector) Project Managers and a Project Support Manager.
  • Ensure all personnel related issues for the staff of the designated project(s) are carried out in accordance with Medair guidelines. This includes recruitment, appraisal, objective setting, development and training, disciplinary action, etc. If applicable, work with the relevant Project Manager(s) and deputy Country Director.
  • Ensure that staff receive appropriate and adequate training by providing mentoring and coaching and through the promotion of capacity building of local staff. Hold regular team meetings and, through a consultative leadership style and a transparent, honest and supportive communication structure, develop and build an effective team.


Security Management

  • Monitor the security status of the area(s) of operation on a regular basis, with local authorities, other NGOs, the UN. Make reports, as appropriate, to the Deputy Country Directors and Country Director.
  • Responsible for the preparation, updating and implementation of SRAs, security plans and protocols for the area(s) of operation in response to changes in the security situation.
  • Ensure all staff members working for the designated projects and all visitors receive briefings and on-going training in security-related topics. Oversee staff adherence to security protocols, including security incident reports.
  • Train and support relevant Project Manager(s) in security planning, management, implementation and monitoring.


Quality Management

  • Promote and use the Medair e-library and, ensuring that all formats are used and guidelines are followed.
  • In coordination with the Advisors, ensure designated project(s) are implemented in line with donor proposals and requirements and in accordance with Medair, donor, country, and international standards e.g. Sphere and CHS etc. Follow the direction of the relevant advisors at GSO regarding quality, strategy and technical guidelines.
  • Regularly assess and provide feedback on the quality of the programmes during field visits and at other times.


Team Spiritual Life

  • Reflect the values of Medair with team members, local staff, beneficiaries, and external contacts.
  • Work, live, and pray together in our Christian faith-based team settings. Fully contribute to the rich spiritual life of your team, including team devotions, prayers, and words of encouragement.
  • Encouraged to join and contribute to Medair’s international prayer network.

This job description covers the main tasks that are anticipated. Other tasks may be assigned as necessary.


  • University degree in a relevant subject such as Management / Development Studies / Business Administration.
  • Strong working knowledge of English (spoken and written).

Relief & Recovery Orientation Course (ROC)

What is the ROC and why is it required?


  • 2 years post-qualification experience in a management position, preferably in a relief environment.
  • Overseas work experience, preferably with a relief and rehabilitation NGO.
  • Knowledge of Humanitarian Essentials, Sphere, CHS and other international humanitarian guidelines and protocols.
  • Advanced planning, assessment and analytical skills. Good report and proposal writing skills.

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