Engaging schools:
Exposing students to today's global issues

We forge mutually beneficial partnerships with schools that inspire the next generation to get involved with humanitarian efforts, develop their sense of empathy and cultivate a culture of caring.

Inspiring today’s students to take action for others

Partnering with Medair is a unique and highly practical way to integrate global issues into your school's curriculum. Through real-life simulations and thoughtful activities, we help students develop their sense of empathy, hone their critical thinking skills and deepen their understanding of the world around them.
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Partners like you making an impact

Helping students develop a global worldview

Workshops, activities and fundraising ideas to open your students’ minds to the world around them.
Refugee box experience

Refugee box experience

Through stories, videos and role playing, students will learn what it’s like to be a refugee. This card-based activity can be easily set up around your kitchen table or classroom, takes around 45 minutes, and is suitable for ages 10+ (conducted by Medair staff).

The Refugee Experience

This two-hour simulation experience puts students in the shoes of someone who is forced to leave their home because of disaster or conflict and brings to life the difficult decisions refugees must make along the way.
Refugee experience simulation

What educators have to say

“The workshops organised by Medair raised our students’ awareness and enabled them to have empathy with people in this situation.”

Lake Leman International School (LLIS)

Students sparking change

Stories, videos, and resources to help your school engage with today’s global issues.

Celebrating 28 years in DRC

Medair's impact on the Congolese health system.

Restoring Health and Hope in Somalia

Medair provides free health services and Child-Friendly Spaces in Somalia, restoring hope and health to vulnerable communities.

Essential services in an overlooked tragedy

Bringing Hope and Aid to Sudan's Forgotten Communities

We’d love to discuss how we can partner with your school.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about Medair's mission, operations, and how you can get involved.
Why should our school partner with Medair?

Partnering with Medair is a unique and highly practical way to integrate global issues into your school’s curriculum. Through real-life simulations and thoughtful activities, we can help your students to engage with humanitarian efforts and today’s most pressing global issues. At the same time, your partnership and school initiatives contribute towards advancing our life-saving work around the world and directly supports people in need.

What types of school partnerships does Medair offer?

Medair offers versatile school partnerships designed to accommodate various levels of engagement. Whether your school is interested in fundraising campaigns, educational programmes, or hands-on involvement in specific projects, Medair can tailor partnerships to align with your educational objectives. Collaborative opportunities include presentations, refugee simulations, and online resources.

Can our school request a speaker or presentation from Medair for an assembly or event?

Yes. We love to present at school assemblies and events. Our team can share the ins and outs of humanitarian work, speak on today’s global challenges, and the impact of community-driven initiatives. To request a speaker, email us at schools@medair.org with a few details about your event, the age group you are planning for, and any preferred topics you’d like us to touch on.

Are there any resources from Medair our school can use?

Absolutely! Medair provides a range of educational resources suitable for various age groups, including games, presentations, and multimedia materials. Schools can access these materials to enhance classroom discussions and promote a deeper understanding of global issues. Contact us at schools@medair.org to request materials tailored for educational use.