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Your prayers fuels our work and provide hope to those in need. Sign up to receive our quarterly prayer updates by email and join us in praying for the world’s most vulnerable places.

Grounded in faith.

Our shared faith is what grounds us and unites us. Prayer is what fuels us to keep going when things get tough. Will you join us in praying for the countries where we work and the people we serve?  Your prayers make a difference.

“Joining the Medair prayer community has been a source of strength and connection. Knowing that we're collectively lifting up those in need in prayer creates a powerful sense of unity and shared purpose.”

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Protection and provision 
around the world

In various regions around the world, countless individuals are facing dire circumstances that demand urgent attention. Currently, an estimated 360 million of people are in need of humanitarian assistance globally - that's one in 22 people around the world. The challenges are complex, encompassing issues such as violence, conflict, drought, flooding, and the outbreak of diseases like measles and cholera. Everyday life is an immense struggle for those caught in these circumstances.
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Every quarter, we will send you a digital prayer update with all the latest happenings from our programmes around the world to guide you in prayer for people in some of the world’s most vulnerable places.

Pray on your own or together with your church, small group, youth group, or Sunday school.
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Engage your church in prayer

Request a presentation, video, or informational material to share with your community to engage your church in what God is doing around the world to help people in need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about Medair's mission, operations, and how you can get involved.
How can I stay updated on prayer needs and answered prayers?

Every quarter, we send a digital prayer guide to subscribers with all the latest updates from our programmes to assist them in praying for people in some of the world’s most vulnerable places. These are helpful for your personal prayer time or together with your church, small group, youth group, or Sunday School.

Why is faith a core value at Medair?

Medair is inspired by Christian values and it is part of our DNA. Our Christian faith is the motivation for all we do and our conviction to help people in need is what unites us. While Medair does not evangelise or discriminate in terms of who receives aid, our faith value shapes the way we strive to treat our staff, our donors, and those we serve.

Where does Medair operate?

Our Headquarters is located in Switzerland – where we were originally founded in 1989 – with two Shared Service Centres in Kenya and Lebanon and six Affiliate Offices in France, Germany, South Korea, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, and the United States. Medair is currently responding to humanitarian needs in 13 countries worldwide and has been responding in 45 countries since 1989.

What sort of projects does Medair do in the countries where you work?

Medair focusses on people’s most urgent needs in times of crisis, which most often includes water and sanitation, nutrition, health, and shelter. We also use cash assistance where appropriate to help people provide for themselves, allowing them to prioritise their biggest needs while investing in the local economy. We also recognise that the people we serve are often traumatised and need care, so we offer mental health and psychosocial support.