Values that shape us


We strive to live out
our values at all levels of
the organisation
and in every programme.


We seek to bring hope
to people caught up in hopeless situations
to envision a brighter future.


We reach out to the most vulnerable people
and offer practical support
to rebuild their lives.


We commit to employing
best practices,
pursuing excellence,
and seeking input at all levels.


We believe every person
is inherently valuable
and strive to uphold
the dignity of all people.


We are inspired
by our Christian faith
to care for those who suffer and are in need.

Our promise

To people we serve

We work together. We seek input and feedback. We leave lasting impact and, wherever possible, personalize assistance to meet individual needs.

The donors

Your financial gifts are used wisely. All expenses support our mission to relieve human suffering:  91% delivering humanitarian assistance and 9% to supporting  management and fundraising.

To partners

The foundations, corporations, and institutions who partner with us share our commitment to excellence. We are certified to the Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (CHS).