In the early hours of 6 February 2023, a devastating 7.7 magnitude earthquake rocked southern Türkiye and neighbouring Syria, followed by a second 7.5 magnitude tremor several hours later, with at least 316 aftershocks since the initial earthquake.

While the initial response was swift and reactive – providing thousands of families with blankets, tents, stoves, torches and essential hygiene items – there are many more stories to be told about Medair’s work in the months following the earthquake, our ongoing programmes and our plans for the year ahead.


Communities in Syria face an even greater risk

This earthquake is catastrophic for the 4.1 million people already dependent on humanitarian assistance in Syria. Twelve years of conflict and a debilitating economic crisis have to led to a fuel shortage this winter, making it very expensive for communities to heat their homes, and an ongoing cholera outbreak, caused by the lack of access to safe water. As heavy rain and snow are expected this weekend, these people desperately need shelter from the cold.

“After an earthquake, people are afraid to go into buildings. They will want to stay close to their homes to protect their land and belongings, so they will create a shelter outside. They need shelter materials – timber, tarpaulin, mats – to protect them from the cold and rain.”

Patricia Gomez, Medair Shelter and Settlements Advisor

We need your support to ensure that those affected by the earthquakes survive the exposure to the cold and have access to clean drinking water. Your gift means that our teams on the ground can act quickly and help those who are the hardest to reach.

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