Emergency in
the Horn of Africa

Four rainy seasons failed leading to the worstdrought in 40 years.
Millions of livestock have already died and food prices
are amongst the highest ever.


Over 20 million Somali people are threatened by severe hunger

Each year people in the Horn of Africa wait for the rains. When the rains don’t fall, every aspect of life suffers. From southern Ethiopia to northern Kenya and Somalia, pastoralist communities are facing the worst drought in 40 years and are left without milk, meat and livelihoods.

Far from the sounds of bombs, the Ukraine conflict is putting millions of lives at risk. The blockade of grain shipments is affecting food aid and driving up prices. It is estimated that every 48 seconds 1 person dies from hunger. Aid organisations have been sounding the alarm, but the humanitarian response remains critically underfunded.  We are running out of time.

It’s estimated
that one person is dying from hunger every 48 seconds in
the Horn of Africa
The number of people experiencing extreme hunger has more than doubled since last year from over 10 million to more than 23 million today

The cost of a standard food basket in Somalia has increased by 36% since the start of the Ukraine conflict

Millions of livestock have died, leaving families without meat or milk, and without livelihoods

How do we make a difference?


Treat malnutrition
Since the start of the Ukraine conflict, the cost of
the standard food basket has risen by 36%.
We are providing treatment for at least
6,300 malnourished children.

Provide safe water
In Somalia, 4 consecutive rainy seasons have failed.
Ensuring daily access to water for more than 25,000 people thanks to water trucks Distribution of hygiene kits and water storage containers to 32,000 people.

Assure access to health services
Lack of access to food, safe water, and appropriate sanitation
services means
being exposed to the risk of severe malnutrition
and dangerous diseases.
We are offering malnutrition and health activities in 12 fixed sites and 36 mobile clinics in remote rural areas.

With your monthly support,
we can keep making a change

Medair invests 9 out of 10 Swiss francs in emergency relief and reconstruction

Every franc donated is multiplied by 5 thanks to our institutional partners

Your monthly donation to finance a future emergency response is twice as effective as a donation made following a disaster

Your generosity allows us to respond to the greatest needs.
Thank you for your trust in Medair.

92% goes directly to delivering humanitarian assistance.
And 8% to supporting management and fundraising.