Wheels of Hope

Empowered Dreams for Persons with Disabilities

“My family supports me in playing sports; they believe in my capacity to play and prove that disability is not something that stops you. For me, this is the starting point where you should begin.

Life is challenging, and we can’t always have everything that we want, but sometimes, help comes to you through people, and it feels like a blessing from God. That’s what I felt when Medair reached out to me” – Abd Al-Rahman.


In the heart of Irbid, North Jordan, Abd Al Rahman and Ahmad have been friends since childhood, they study in the same school and are members of a local sports club. Both of them were born with a physical disability that prevents movement in the lower-part of their bodies. Abd Al-Rahman dreams of joining global sports clubs and travelling for his dream sports, whilst Ahmad dreams of completing his studies and enrolling in university. Despite having different dreams, they wholeheartedly support each other.

Abd Al-Rahman plays sports like basketball and swimming, and he also does strength training. Unfortunately, Abd Al-Rahman’s wheelchair broke, and he had to stay inside his home for many months, because of reduced accessibility to school and the sports club. During this time, he couldn’t practice his sports, which made him very sad and frustrated. This was until he was registered with Medair to receive mobility aid assistance under our Social Protection programme.  

Medair provided Abd Al-Rahman with a new sports wheelchair tailored to his unique needs. His new sports wheelchair came in the correct size and met all of his requirements. It was designed to be lightweight, making practicing his sports easier. 

Abd Al Rahman in his new wheelchair.

Abd Al-Rahman expressed his appreciation for the new sports wheelchair, “This sports wheelchair helps me a lot. It’s easy to move, light, of good quality and offers excellent balance. It has significantly eased my sports practice, making it both accessible and safe. Finding a suitable sports wheelchair in Jordan is not easy, especially since I’m interested in sports and require a wheelchair tailored to my needs. Thank you Medair for providing me with my dream wheelchair, which is better than I expected. It made my life easier and facilitated playing sports.”  said Abd Al-Rahman.

Ahmad Arafat in his new wheelchair

Ahmad faced an almost similar situation to his friend, Abd Al-Rahman. Ahmad’s previous wheelchair was the wrong size, making it impossible to control, and rendering movements were unsafe and difficult. The lack of accessibility in the streets and at his school posed additional challenges. The stairs at Ahmad’s home were challenging, and transportation became a significant hurdle for him.

Medair provided Ahmad with cash assistance, case management, and mobility aid devices such as a sports wheelchair and elbow crutches. Additionally, Ahmad received a portable ramp, facilitating the use of the stairs in his home. 

Ahmad expressed his satisfaction with the new mobility aid devices, saying, “The new wheelchair is truly perfect. It came in the correct size and weight, and the portable ramp has helped me move smoothly. I suffered due to the lack of proper mobility aids; I couldn’t easily leave my home with the previous wheelchair as it wasn’t suitable for outdoor use.”

Haneen Al Hendi and Hussein Abu Mojeh, Medair Jordan Social Protection Officers with Abd Al-Rahman and Ahmad

Medair’s Social Protection Officers, Haneen and Hussein, conducted the initial assessments with Abd Al-Rahman and Ahmad for mobility aid devices assistance. After the mobility aids were distributed, they did follow-up visits and taught Abd Al Rahman and Ahmad in detail how to use their new wheelchairs, they also provided instructions on how to clean and use them safely. Haneen shared the difference that she saw in Ahmad after Medair assisted him: “The spark in Ahmad’s eyes made my day, him being active, doing the sport he loves in an accessible manner made me feel that even the slightest efforts have a huge impact.” said Haneen.

The International Day of Persons with Disabilities is on 3rd of December and seeks to promote the full and equal participation of persons with disabilities. Through mobility aid assistance, Medair empowers persons with disabilities to overcome access challenges and enhance their independence.


With support from the German Federal Foreign Office and Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration, Medair provides cash assistance and case management, and mobility aid assistance to refugees and vulnerable Jordanians.