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Subash, 16, had to grow up fast in the mountains of Nepal. He lost his father when he was three. When he was 12, his mother eloped and left him and his younger brother on their own.

Two years later, Subash was gathering crops when the ground and trees began to shake. The earthquake destroyed homes and filled the air with dust. He ran from the fields but found his home in ruins.

Subash’s hopes sank. He moved into his uncle’s house with his brother, but didn’t know how he could ever rebuild, or what his future would hold. He kept going to school, getting good grades, and working in the fields with his uncle. Yet he and his brother dreamed of their own safe home.

In Nepal, Medair and CDS, a local NGO, support clusters of families who work together to rebuild their homes with the help of masons trained in earthquake-resilient construction methods. When our teams met Subash, we helped connect him to a cluster and provided technical and financial support for his home’s reconstruction. After receiving a grant from Medair, Subash began rebuilding his home. He helps the masons with construction as much as possible, and he gathers water and transports it to the site via wheelbarrow. “Thanks to Medair and CDS, I know that I am building a safe house!”

Subash aims to finish construction on their new house soon, and hopes to get a job with the police or the army in the future. “This house will be gift for me and my brother,” said Subash. “I am dependent on others now, but I want to earn income and look after my brother. Those are my two priorities in life.”

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Medair’s work in Nepal is made possible by you, our generous donors, and Swiss Solidarity, Woord en Daad (NL), and All We Can (UK).

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