In pictures: Response to the impacts of cyclones in Mananjary district

Less than two weeks after the passage of cyclone Batsirai, Madagascar was again hit by tropical cyclone Emnati. The heavy rains and strong winds have left damages in the southeastern part of the country, particularly in Mananjary and Manakara.

Medair, already present in Mananjary just after Batsirai, is continuing and strengthening its assistance to those affected after Emnati.

© Antsa Ravelomanantsoa

Although Batsirai (Category 4) was the most severe, Emnati (Category 3) alone is estimated to have destroyed, damaged or flooded more than 23,000 houses.

With funding from Unicef, 80 community latrines (at the household level) to be rehabilitated or constructed have been identified to restore the damage caused by the cyclones. 100 household latrines are currently under construction both in Mananjary and Nosy Varika districts.

© Antsa Ravelomanantsoa

Two of our volunteers conducted an awareness session with students at the public secondary school in the commune of Mananjary.

A group of five volunteers are mobilized to conduct each awareness session on WASH, Covid-19, Health, and Nutrition in 7 communes of Mananjary District.

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Clarna lives in the Fokontany (village) of Tsaravary, in Mananjary. She was among those who received a WASH kit after the cyclones. For this, she got a bucket, cups, water disinfectant and soap bars.

Before the cyclone, she used to draw water from the well in her village. Since the cyclone occurs, the water has been infected: “The well water has become dirty, it is no longer drinkable”. The kits are very useful to ensure the hygiene of the whole family. “I am so grateful to Medair for giving us these kits, it will make our lives much easier. Our clothes are clean, we drink clean water, and we have clean plates to eat on.

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Adeline is one of the beneficiaries of the cash distribution for cyclone-affected households in her village of Ambodiboanara, in the commune of Kianjavato, Mananjary.

Adeline has no fixed income while she has to take care of her son who is still in high school. Not having been prepared prior the cyclones, a portion of her house’s roof was swept away.

The cash she received allowed Adeline to send her son on a study trip to Tamatave (a large city in the east) and also to store some rice for the lean season. “My child was very happy to leave. I feel at peace”

© Evelyn Speich

© Evelyn Speich

Medair’s vehicle is transported across the river on a wooden ferry. The path from one village to another.

Ikongo District is a remote area of the Fitovinany region in the southeastern part of Madagascar. The villages are often only accessible on foot, by boat or by motorcycle. This district, which is also prone to flooding and landslides during the cyclone season, has suffered greatly from the impact of the recent cyclones, with over 80 deaths. As a result, Medair decided to establish a third base in Ikongo, in the commune of Ifanirea.

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Tsiory, Medair’s WASH Technician (right) works closely with V-ERTs, including Fameno (left)

As part of the response in Mananjary, Medair is working with 100 V-ERT with 20 people from each one of the christian scouts association: Mpanazava, Antily, Tily, Fanilon’i Madagasikara, Jeunesse Adventiste.


Medair has been present in Mananjary (Southeast of Madagascar) since February 2022. Our work is supported by Start Network, UNICEF, Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development, as well as private donors.