Fostering Psychosocial Healing and Empowerment

Medair's Impactful Approach to Psychosocial Support

PSS volunteers in Amman From left to the right: (Roula Salem, Oday Sadaqa, Khawlah Yaghmour)

Due to ongoing challenges and daily hardships, the demand for comprehensive well-being transcends mere physical health. An integrated approach that addresses the profound impact on mental, emotional, and social dimensions is needed, especially for the most vulnerable. This is where Psychosocial Support (PSS) becomes a lifeline, and a vital cornerstone in fostering resilience and healing amidst adversity.

In Jordan, Medair increases access to urgent and life-saving healthcare for refugees and vulnerable Jordanians whilst supporting individuals and families in their transition toward enhanced psychosocial well-being. Recognizing the critical importance of psychosocial well-being, Medair’s PSS programme empowers individuals to develop increased resilience to the trauma and experiences they have encountered.

Medair’s PSS approach in Jordan includes peer support groups for adults and peer support groups for adolescents and caregivers, which are delivered following especially designed curricula aimed to increase social connectedness, create a sense of belonging within supportive peer networks, and develop positive coping skills. Sessions are facilitated by volunteers who are trained in providing psychosocial support for adults and families as well as referrals to other services.

PSS session in Amman

In Amman and Irbid, Medair provides adult peer support groups in safe spaces for women and men to address trauma, explore relevant topics, and invest in psychosocial well-being. The curriculum consists of eight sessions focusing on stress management, coping with grief, loss, and depression, along with managing thoughts, which aims to enhance participants’ understanding of mental health through psychoeducation and the provision of positive coping skills.

Mahmood, PSS session participant in Amman

Mahmood attended Medair’s PSS sessions in Amman and shared his experience:

“After I began the session with Medair, I felt like everything rearranged inside me. I gained the ability to control my sadness and stress. I learned how to give myself peace and forgiveness. One of the most important lessons was understanding that it’s never too late to give myself time and take care of my well-being to continue giving without any regret”.

Medair also facilitates adolescent and caregiver peer support groups to promote well-being and healthy psychological development of adolescents, in addition to creating room for improved communication and mutual understanding between adolescents and their caregivers. Comprising of nine sessions in total, six with adolescents, two with caregivers, and one joint final session, the aim is to help adolescents feel supported in their self-development (social, emotional and self-management skills), and to feel more connected to their family, with their caregivers feeling supported in parenting and communicating with their adolescent children.

PSS session participant in Amman

Aya attended PSS sessions in Amman and shared her experience with Medair, saying “I received a call from a friend about beneficial sessions hosted by Medair. After attending these sessions, I found them enjoyable and helpful. The programme encouraged meaningful connections within the community and facilitated self-discovery, particularly during activities like writing and drawing. This experience enhanced my self-awareness, confidence, and goal achievement, contributing to a better understanding of my age and personal growth. I needed these sessions, and I believe that everyone of my age should learn how to understand themselves better.”

Suzan, PSS Officer

High levels of psychological stress continue to burden refugees, and many Jordanians also experience psychological stressors. Medair’s PSS team seeks to fill service gaps to ensure that no-one is left without the psychological support they need.

Suzan, Medair’s PSS Officer, shares her thoughts from working with adults and adolescents in Jordan, “Well-being is not something you may or may not have; rather, it is something that should be systematically and consistently present when dealing with the challenges you encounter in your life and work”.

Mental health is an integral aspect of our well-being, and Medair continues to provide essential support for the most vulnerable in Jordan to enhance mental health for a better quality of life.


Medair’s psychosocial support services in Jordan are funded by the German Federal Foreign Office and the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration.