Cash assistance for vulnerable populations

Post-cyclone intervention in Mananjary

Two intense tropical cyclones, Batsirai (Category 4) and Emnati (Category 3), successively hit the Southeastern part of Madagascar in February 2022, leaving more than 300,000 people in need. The district of Mananjary, in the Vatovavy region, which was the gateway to the cyclone was among the hardest hit areas with 90% destroyed


“We had not even recovered from cyclone Batsirai when the other cyclone, Emnati, showed up. I took in family members because many were not safe in their homes” said 74-year-old farmer André. André, better known in his community as “Haban’i Ange” (Ange’s father), and like the majority of the population of Mananjary, was surprised by the arrival of the cyclones. He was unable to do anything to protect the crops that are his only source of income. “As a farmer, I lost all hope of a good harvest after the passage of Batsirai”.

André, 74, welcomed us at his home the day after the distribution of Cash which he benefited from

André’s family received 100,000 Ariary (US$25) through Medair’s cash transfer programme in Kianjavato commune, Mananjary District, on 30 May. This assistance was especially helpful to André in paying back the money he had to borrow during these difficult times. “The first month after Batsirai was a period of intense hunger. We didn’t even wait for the pine fruits to be ripe to eat them… We are grateful to Medair for their help, we can support ourselves with what we have received”. In total, this programme has supported 1,000 households, including the elderly, pregnant and/or lactating women, and people with disabilities, to help them get back on their feet.

1000 vulnerable households benefited from an amount of 100 000 Ariary during each of the 3 distribution sessions in the commune of Kianjavato, District of Mananjary

Alfred, 75 years old, also a farmer, also benefited from the Cash. Alfred owns some land in the region, in Kianjavato where he was born but also in Fotobohitra where he grew up. “Batsirai is the most devastating cyclone I have ever experienced in my life… Despite my health problems, I continue to farm. Batsirai destroyed everything, I had to start again, my coffee and banana plantation with the help of my children”. The money he received allowed Alfred to resume his activities and he was also able to work on new land that he had never worked. “The cash I just received today will be used again to improve and buy seeds for my land. Thank you to Medair for saving me. I almost joined my parents in the grave, but I am still here, and I will continue to work until the end”.

Alfred, 75 (right) receiving 100 000 Ariary of cash (25 USD) in the commune of Kianjavato, District of Mananjary on 14 July 2022


Medair services in the district of Mananjary, Madagascar, in response to cyclones, are funded by Start Network, European Union, and UNICEF, and private donors.

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