Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) Advisor



Based in Kyiv / Kharkiv, with frequent travels to other field locations.

Date de début / Type de contrat

February 2024. Full time, 12 months. 

Role Overview

Working as an important member of a diverse team who are committed to serve the world’s most vulnerable, the MHPSS Advisor provides leadership and technical support to the Ukraine MHPSS and Protection teams to deliver quality integrated MHPSS services. Aspects of the role include training staff to meet international quality standards in mental health care, supporting effective monitoring and evaluation of MHPSS activities and contributing to the integration and development of MHPSS and protection components of the program. 

Project Overview

In March 2022 Medair started a multisector integrated Health, MHPSS, Shelter and WASH programme designed to reduce morbidity and mortality in vulnerable and hard to reach populations in Ukraine.. MHPSS activities include Mental Health referrals, mhGAP-HIG trainings, peer support groups, psychological first aid (PFA) training and support, and building multisector staff capacity to develop and use supportive communication skills. 

Our Culture

Key Activity Areas

MHPSS technical oversight 

  • Maintain an overview of Ukraine MHPSS programming to inform new projects in current sites and/or surrounding regions, and planning for responsible exit 
  • Liaise with GSO Advisors on MHPSS interventions and internal MHPSS capacity to implement project activities 
  • Ensure appropriate guidelines and protocols are in place for MHPSS aspects of Medair’s work, in consultation with technical advisors, other field managers, and in line with relevant Ministry of Health (MoH) guidelines 
  • Develop guidelines for how Medair implements Cash for Protection, including directly, through partners / referral and through case management approach 
  • Provide technical support to the MHPSS / Protection teams in project sites 
  • Develop/improve existing MHPSS Monitoring and Evaluation tools 
  • Write/review MHPSS components in donor proposals and reports within the required timeframes 
  • Review quality of MHPSS activities, visit project sites where possible to observe activities and make recommendations 
  • Assist with developing MHPSS training and schedule to meet programme needs, support in delivery of mhGAP trainings   
  • Support PMs, MHPSS Manager and logistics staff in the coordination and quality control of MHPSS supplies 
  • Support Project Managers in the design of new and innovative projects and concepts relating to Protection and MHPSS 
  • Strengthen the understanding of the wider team in Protection mainstreaming to ensure that projects meaningfully integrate protection in their design, implementation and monitoring 
  • Develop/support development of new tools as needed for MHPSS programming e.g. awareness session curriculums 

Staff Management 

  • Identify MHPSS training needs among staff and plan for addressing these, creating possibilities for capacity building, mentoring and coaching 
  • Provide coaching and technical supervision to staff to develop ownership for MHPSS activities 
  • Review CVs of new MHPSS candidates and advise on suitability of technical skills for job description 
  • Participate in interviews of new MHPSS staff as appropriate  
  • Advise on organogram and structure for MHPSS projects in relation to appropriate size, technical skill sets, and structure for efficiency and quality of work 

Financial Management 

  • Support PMs and MHPSS Manager to work within assigned budgets for MHPSS activities and meet the Medair standards with regard to financial management, including accountability and good governance 

Communication and Coordination 

  • Attendance at cluster meetings – national and regional, including presence at working groups, potentially including MHPSS (under Health Cluster). Liaising with cluster and other organisations to understand and contribute to best practice approaches 
  • Work closely with Ukraine Health Advisor to agree on priorities, share technical guidance and improve MHPSS integration with facility, outreach and community health activities  
  • Contribute to senior leadership of Ukraine country team, providing constructive input as relates to sector expertise 
  • Develop and maintain appropriate, regular, transparent, and supportive communication structures with staff implementing MHPSS activities 
  • Link with Ukraine Health and WASH advisors as well as GSO advisors and other relevant stakeholders (e.g., beneficiaries, community leaders, local and national government officials, UN agencies, and other NGOs) to promote good cooperation and partnerships 
  • In coordination with Ukraine Health Advisor and MHPSS manager, participate in protection, MHPSS and GBV TWG as appropriate 
  • Advisory support and monitoring to local partners undertaking protection and MHPSS activities – this work is complementary to Medair’s knowledge and capacity, but this role will be required to develop a strong understanding of the General Protection basics for programming in Ukraine, including: information awareness, legal support, mine awareness, GBV etc. 


  • Support PMs to ensure timely procurement of equipment and supplies  
  • Liaise with logistics and finance staff to support team in MHPSS procurement, transportation, storage and management 

Quality Management 

  • Promote and use Medair operating procedures, ensuring that all standardised formats are used, and guidelines are followed 
  • Review monthly sitreps to provide recommendations on current MHPSS activity status and potential areas for improvement 
  • Discuss areas of technical concern with Ukraine Health Advisor and GSO Advisors as appropriate  
  • Ensure MHPSS projects are implemented in line with donor proposals and requirements and in accordance with Medair, donor, country, and international standards i.e., Sphere, CHS and IASC guidelines 
  • Evaluate existing and ongoing protection and MHPSS activities to monitor and recommend improvements to increase impact and ensure quality and do no harm 
  • Maintain strong knowledge of best practices in the sector and integrate into Medair programmes 

Team Spiritual Life 

  • Reflect the values of Medair in everyday life: with team members, local staff, beneficiaries, external contacts… 
  • Fully contribute to rich spiritual life of Medair: devotions, prayers, words of encouragement… 


  • Degree in psychology, (global) mental health, social work or related field 
  • Trained in PFA and mhGAP-HIG 
  • Strong working knowledge of English (spoken and written). 

Relief & Recovery Orientation Course (ROC)

What is the ROC and why is it required?


  • 3 years post-qualification professional experience 
  • At least 2 years management experience 
  • Minimum of 2 years experience managing mental health/ psychosocial/ protection projects in humanitarian sector 
  • Strong Christian commitment. Passionate about serving the poor. Self-motivated. 
  • Team-player with good inter-personal skills. Willingness to support others and share workload. Experience in training / mentoring / coaching staff 
  • Capacity to work under pressure and manage personal stress levels 
  • Good numerical, report writing and administration skills. Problem solving ability 
  • Knowledge and experience of (primary) mental health care principles and management 
  • Able to prioritise clearly and oversee multiple tasks 
  • Knowledge and experience of (primary) mental health care principles and management 
  • Able to prioritise clearly and oversee multiple tasks 

All new deploying international staff to Medair’s country programmes (and other roles which require field travel) should be fully vaccinated with a WHO-approved COVID vaccine, supported with a COVID vaccination certificate as evidence.