We believe in people

  • Medair is a non-governmental organisation inspired by the Christian faith.
  • Medair is more than 1,500 staff, plus thousands of volunteers, financial supporters and prayer partners.
  • Medair is millions of people affected by emergencies who urgently need assistance and life-saving relief.

I believe

I can change

Compassion in action

When you join Medair you are contributing to a greater purpose. Your professional skills are highly valued, as is your personal commitment and servant leadership. You join an organisation that is respected for technical expertise in delivering humanitarian aid, and for partnering with local communities to provide effective solutions during crisis. You bring hope to people who are suffering and you join a team that shares your values.    

Our culture is unique. We work hard, pray together, and share life with one another. Our field teams are dynamic and multicultural. We are small enough to consider one another family, and agile enough to respond rapidly to new emergencies.



Medair cares for the staff, and focuses on being a family, praying together, and including God in the daily work and challenges.

Damaris K.

Nutrition Project Manager

Our Values

Our core values are what unite us together and motivate us to strive for excellence in all we do.

We believe that each person has been made in God’s image and is therefore uniquely valuable and worthy of the highest respect. Consequently, we reach out to all those in need, irrespective of their race, gender, religion, age, or nationality. Wherever possible we personalise our assistance, taking individual needs and circumstances into account, and respecting the dignity and independence of the people we serve.

We seek to bring hope to people devastated by crisis and caught in apparently hopeless situations.  Together with the communities we serve, we strive to make sustainable improvements and increase their capacity to build a better future.

We desire to relieve human suffering in times of crisis, disaster, and conflict. We seek out people who are the most vulnerable, come alongside them and offer practical support through relief and rehabilitation initiatives.

We are committed to employ best practices in our management and operations, pursuing excellence in all we do. We make ourselves accountable to our supporters, our staff, and those we serve, and seek input from them to help us improve our activities and procedures.

We are motivated to care for those who suffer because we follow Jesus Christ, who taught us to love God and to care for those in need. Our faith inspires us to give our best in all circumstances. By faith we pray for wisdom when facing difficult decisions, and for courage to live and work in demanding and often dangerous situations.

We strive to live out our values and principles consistently at every level of the organisation, and in every location – from the remotest team to the international headquarters. Our desire is that as we work together in teams, our attitudes, words, and actions will be true to Medair’s vision and character.

Our faith foundation

Our foundation of Christian faith motivates us to care for those who suffer and inspires us to strive for excellence. Applying our professional skills to meet the most critical needs of people who are in crisis demonstrates God’s love to the world. We respond with compassion, and as a neutral and impartial humanitarian organisation we deliver relief  based on need and regardless of race, religion, age, gender, or political affiliation.

Our International Staff and those working at our Global Support Offices are asked to be fully committed to our values and to contribute to the rich spiritual life of our organisation. Our National Staff are asked to fully respect the Medair values when working with us.

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