A nation in crisis

Years of recurring conflict and natural disasters, chronic underdevelopment, and economic challenges mean that many people in Sudan are unable to meet their basic needs. Hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes and the escalating conflict in neighbouring Ethiopia has led to an influx of many refugees. 

We have been present in Sudan for fifteen years, responding to the urgent needs of displaced and host communities across remote and underserved areas. The consequences of this violence are catastrophic for the 15.8 million people already in need of humanitarian assistance. We remain committed to the people we serve but we must scale up now our response to the overwhelming needs this new situation has created. 

Your support is needed now 

The people of Sudan need your support to survive this crisis: Your donation today allows us to provide them with clean water, sanitation facilities, emergency health care. In a crisis, every minute counts.  

Will you help us save lives?