Honduras Emergency

Lives lost, homes destroyed and crops washed away.
Support families in Honduras now.

Medair’s emergency team is supporting some of the most isolated Honduran communities hit by back-to-back hurricanes. Your financial donation today means life-saving relief for families who have been devastated by this disaster.


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Back-to-back hurricanes rip through Central America

Just days after Hurricane Eta ripped through Central America last month, a second, intense storm, Hurricane Iota, travelled the same path causing even more destruction. Over 90,000 people fled to find safe shelter as heavy rains triggered floods and landslides that damaged people’s homes and wiped out their crops, destroying roads and isolating entire communities.

“There is water everywhere, not one bit of dry land” said Nath, Medair’s Emergency Response Team member in Honduras

For the four million people affected by the hurricanes, a long road to recovery lies ahead. “I don’t how we’ll go on” said Raoul, standing knee deep in water outside his house. Widespread flooding  means people do not have safe drinking water and sanitation, which are crucial to prevent the outbreak of disease.

Even before these storms, people in Honduras were struggling to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, the disaster has only made things worse.

Help families pick up the pieces and get back on their feet

Right now, we are providing critical supplies like soap, chlorine tablets to purify drinking water, containers to store water, and personal hygiene items in areas only accessible by boat.  We will repair six damaged health centres, so they can resume essential services to the communities. We are installing rainwater harvesters to ensure the health centres have safe drinking water.

Please come alongside Honduran communities devastated by this double-disaster. Donate today.

3 November, 2020

Hurricane Eta (Category 4) tears across Central America causing significant damage.

Photo: KEYSTONE/AP/Delmer Martinez

5 November, 2020

An emergency has been declared and international aid begins to mobilise.

16 November, 2020

Hurrican Iota (Category 5) rips through Honduras causing even more damage.

Photo: MAF

22 November, 2020

Medair sends an emergency team to Honduras to bring relief to survivors of Hurricane Eta and Hurricane Iota.

Photo: KEYSTONE/AP/Delmer Martinez

24 November, 2020

The team arrives in Honduras and begins travelling to isolated areas to assess needs.

24 November, 2020

The team travels four hours by boat to north-eastern Honduras to reach communities cut off by the floods