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Whether you are a multinational or medium-size business, there are many ways you can make a change.


Ways to contribute: 

  • Percentage of sales
  • Gift matching
  • Sponsorships
  • Gifts-in-kind

Ways to engage:

  • Offer pro-bono work
  • Host fundraisers
  • Support fundraisers
  • Volunteer 
  • Attend partnership events

All financial contributions made on behalf of a business or individual are tax-deductible.


Whether it is through funding strategy, leadership development, or innovation in the field projects, we are proud to work together, combining our respective strengths and capabilities, under such a noble cause.”

David Michels – Partner & Director,
Bain & Company Zurich Office

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We are here to help you discover how your business can make a real impact. Contact one of our Relationship Managers for more information and to develop a personalised initiative for your business.

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