We need you. Join our team and help us bring hope to some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

We’re looking for enthusiastic and driven individuals who are willing to share our story with their friends, families, and networks. As an ambassador, you’ll be connecting with your own community while actively contributing to our mission to deliver lifesaving support to families affected by conflicts and natural disasters. You’ll be using your passions to help us go the extra mile for vulnerable people all over the world.

Love sport? You can take part in a sponsored run or organise an Ultimate Frisbee tournament. Enjoy good food? Organise a dinner party – maybe even featuring food from one of the countries where we work! Into movies? Host an online movie night.

You may have to think outside the box in these days of COVID-19, but we’ll be here to support you at each step of your journey.


As an ambassador for Medair, you can choose your role(s):


Act as a Medair contact for a specific group of people, such as your family, friends, colleagues, or church group. You’ll receive regular updates from Medair about what’s going on in the field to share with your cohort.

We’ll provide you with photographs and stories to keep your group engaged, and we’ll help you answer any questions they may have about our work.


Represents Medair to different audiences. You’ll be publicly sharing our stories and mission with different groups of people – for example at community fundraisers, church events, or in online speaking engagements.

We’ll provide you with the training and material you need to get you ready for this adventure!


Uses his/her skills, talents, and creative pursuits to help raise funding for our lifesaving programming.

Whatever you can think of – selling hand-knitted scarves, climbing mountains, hosting an online quiz night – we’ll be there to provide support and help you make the most out of your fundraising activities.


You’ll join a community of people who share your passion for providing hope and support to vulnerable people. You’ll get first-hand information about our worldwide responses, and we’ll provide you with the support, materials, and content needed to get you started on your ambassador journey.

You’ll get to meet our field staff and hear about their adventures and challenges, and you’ll be invited to meet and connect with other ambassadors. Most importantly, you’ll be playing an active role in bringing hope and supporting families affected by conflict, climate change, and natural disasters all over the world.

Feeling inspired? Connect with us now!

Currently, we are not able to process registrations from outside Europe as we do not have sufficient resources.
Thank you for your understanding.


Select your ambassador role(s):