Annual Report



people directly assisted


Health Care


  • 66,747 people treated for acute malnutrition;
    93 % discharged as cured
Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene


  • 1,161,246 people gained improved access
    to safe drinking water
Shelter and Infrastructure


  • 854,470 people received shelter assistance
Cash Assistance


COVID-19 Aid


A changing world

Climate change

With the 2021 launch of the Climate and Environment Charter, our sector is embracing a more climate-oriented mentality. There are already more than 230 signatories, including Medair, who have committed to being good stewards with the environment and helping communities adapt.

Food and water scarcity

This is reaching alarming levels in many contexts around the world. Droughts, fuel and food price hikes, and scarcity caused by the conflict in Ukraine are threatening millions of lives, particularly in the Horn of Africa region.

Localisation and community

There is a growing focus on giving power, voice, and funding to local organisations and engaging more with communities in the way assistance
is delivered.

Humanitarian access

An increased number of major conflicts and regime changes has created additional complexity in gaining access to people in need. The humanitarian principle of neutrality is under increased pressure and a conflict-sensitive approach to programming is more important than ever.


Digitalisation of aid

New tools are transforming the ways that aid is delivered, and humanitarians are driving these changes forward. We are tackling the challenge of digitalising aid in remote communities where electricity and elecommunications aren’t always available.