Our Behind-the-Scene Heroes

When you think of being a humanitarian aid worker, are you imagining a doctor, a nurse or someone who spends majority of their time in the field? You’re not wrong, but there’s more to this story.

Let’s think for a minute how the process goes to deliver the help for those who need it. To begin with, we’ll find team members who are able to manage the great responsibility they carry. But in addition to the colleagues who are out in the communities we serve every day, we also look for people who will spend the majority of their times in an office or a warehouse; only rarely meeting someone they are helping. We need people to ensure the services are delivered, and of course, teams to deal with technical issues, and financial matters. We’re talking about our support teams, our heroes behind the scenes: human resources, logistics, IT, finance and all those who play an essential role in the process.


We’ve asked our colleagues in Medair how they contribute to the humanitarian process. Here are some of their answers:

Nicole, Finance and HR manager in Medair Madagascar

Let me tell you what drives me in our activities: we are building resilience by reaching out to vulnerable people, even those in remote areas. Furthermore, through our commitments, we convey a culture of diversity and inclusion. These values go hand in hand with humanity itself and are what I am dedicated to at Medair.”  Shared Nicole, our Finance and HR manager in Madagascar.



Hasan, one of our Human resources officers in Syria told us:

“I went on field visits with the team. Since I work in human resources, this means I don’t have a direct contact with the people we help, our work is more behind the scenes. These visits awakened me to the importance of my role, when we do the recruitment process or when we choose competent team members who have what it takes, which means we have a productive role even when it’s an indirect one.”



We asked Osama, our logistic officer in Jordan, what motivates him to do his job?

Osama, Logistic Officer in Medair Jordan


“What motivates me the most to do my job is the fact that we are providing humanitarian aid to people in times of crisis. What Medair does for vulnerable people is well aligned with our culture and religion and that what makes me proud of my job.”



Ezibon, our finance officer in Medair South Sudan had something to share with us.

Ezibon, Finance Officer, Medair South Sudan

“It’s an important role to our programme because it enables other stakeholders, such as donors, suppliers, and government authorise to maintain trust in Medair—especially when we deliver timely financial obligations.”



Helping people in need can take as many shapes as you think of. You can be helping thousands of people while you’re sitting behind the desk, coordinating for your colleagues who are in the field. Our support teams are an integral part of Medair, and without their marvelous efforts, the process wouldn’t be working the way it does, the teams wouldn’t be able to get to the field, therefore, the services we offer will not reach the people we help.


Eventually, whether you participate in choosing the right candidate for a position, or fix any internet issues when they occur, handle anything related to finance or providing the supplies along with the vehicles that will eventually carry the other part of our team to the field  – who in their turn go through tremendous challenges to make sure the goal is achieved, in this day  –  we –  salute every single member of our teams, we applaud them for giving their time and energy for the purpose of serving humanity in whatever they do best.


Out of our believe that everyone can play an active role and help others out, you can find out how can you be a part of the process too here.


This content was produced with resources gathered by Medair field and headquarters staff. The views expressed herein are those solely of Medair and should not be taken, in any way, to reflect the official opinion of any other organisation.

Some names were changed for security reasons.