“You need to be a strong person to live”

Supporting people with disability

Medair focuses on the most vulnerable, and in Jordan, this includes households that are female headed and with family members with disability. On a warm November morning, Medair’s Social Protection team conducted a special visit to Fawziyh’s home. Fawziyh received cash assistance and case management support from Medair. Daad, the Social Protection Officer leading the visit is the focal point for the family, providing facilitation and management and referral for the services provided by Medair.   

Daad was born with birth defects in her left hand, and she said this was a special visit for her because she was meeting with other who are also disabled. “This family is special to me, That I found people like me, and I felt I’m not different, they were so close to me.” said Daad. 

Fawziyh had an accident causing her to lose her hand when she was young. In addition to this, her son, Ali, also had an accident causing him to lose his leg a few years ago. This makes her family among the most vulnerable.  

Ali and Fawziyh talking with Daad and sharing their experiences.

Fawziyh is a strong woman, but life for Fawziyh and her family isn’t easy. This is the case for many vulnerable people, especially refugees who are often unable to obtain work permits and struggle to meet their basic needs. Fawziyh’s husband is Egyptian and is unable to work, and her children do not go to school.  Fawziyh’s son, Ali, left school to find work in construction, but after a terrible accident he had to stop working because he lost his leg.   

Medair provided Fawziyh’s family with cash assistance, to pay her debts and rent, and to help fix part of her house including the kitchen, bathroom room, and living room, to protect them from flooding in the winter. Fawziyh also used Medair’s support to buy plants to create a small nursery, from which she will be able to sell. She dreams that she will develop her nursery and open her own business, so that she can provide sustainable income and care for her family. 

Ali, Fawziyah, and Daad in the garden after seeing Fawziyah’s plant nursery. 

Fawziyh said, “I am thankful to Medair and your supporters, as life is hard and you need to be a strong person to live. I am strong and this helps my son to be a strong person too”.

After the visit, Daad explained that she said felt happy when she met Fawziyh and her family, and how working for Medair has enabled her to explore how much stronger she is to be able to support people.  

With support from the German Federal Foreign Office, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and private donors, Medair provides cash assistance and case management in Jordan to vulnerable refugees and Jordanians.   

This content was produced with resources gathered by Medair field staff. The views expressed herein are those solely of Medair and should not be taken, to reflect the official opinion of any other organization.    


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