This Winter

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This winter, millions of people are fighting for their survival. They deserve to know they are not alone in their struggle. We are all in it together. Together we are stronger. Together, we are part of the solution.

Together we are stronger.

Since 1989, Medair has provided emergency relief and recovery services to communities made vulnerable by natural disasters, conflicts, and other crises. Together, with the help of local communities and our supporters, we work relentlessly to bring life-saving help to some of the most challenging places on earth.

3 emergencies demand our attention this Christmas

Over 21 million people are facing extreme hunger in the Horn of Africa. The effects of the global pandemic and food crisis have affected children fleeing war at an unprecedented rate. Threatened by freezing temperatures due to damaged housing and heating systems, families in Ukraine are facing one of the most difficult winters they have ever known.
Time is running out.

1. Hunger in Africa

A person is dying from hunger every 48 seconds in the Horn of Africa

“This is the worst drought in 40 years,
at a time when the prices of food and fuel are rising.”

Medair Director of Programmes, Anne Reitsema


We are providing lifesaving therapeutic food treatment and access to clean water

2. Winter in Ukraine

Millions of people are facing a harsh winter and a Christmas away from family

“The destruction of houses and lack of access to fuel or electricity due to damaged infrastructure could become a matter of life or death.”

WHO Regional Director for Europe, Dr Hans Henri P. Kluge


We are providing winter supplies and reinforcing homes damaged by the fighting

3. Children in crisis

The global pandemic and food crisis have plunged many children into poverty at an unprecedented rate

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been the biggest threat to progress for children in our 75-year history.”

UNICEF Executive Director, Henrietta Fore


We are providing lifesaving vaccinations against preventable childhood diseases

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