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Medair deploys to Honduras After Double Disaster

Flooding in Honduras

25 November 2020  /  Lausanne

Abigail Drane

Global Emergency Response Communications Manager
+962 (0) 7 9954 5525

Medair has deployed an emergency response team to Honduras to provide urgent humanitarian assistance to survivors of both Hurricane Eta and Hurricane Iota. Our technical specialists will arrive in Honduras Tuesday 24 November, to conduct assessments and respond to the most urgent needs.

Within a span of less than two weeks Central America was pummeled by two major hurricanes. Hurricane Eta (Category 4) and Hurricane Iota (Category 5) travelled a similar initial path bringing catastrophic high winds, storm surge and a deluge of rain. Communities affected by this double disaster in Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala now face wide-spread flooding, landslides and the mass destruction of homes and infrastructure.

“The needs in Honduras are particularly immense. Thousands of families have been displaced or left extremely vulnerable lacking the basics to survive, such as a roof over their head, food to eat and safe water to drink,” says James McDowell, Medair’s Head of Global Emergency Response.

Over 3 million people in Honduras have been affected by the most recent hurricane, which has left 96,000 homeless. These numbers are expected to rise over the coming days as many communities affected by the hurricanes have still not been reached. Persistent rain, floodwaters, and landslides continue to make access a major challenge. Food insecurity is of significant concern as crops have been washed away or damaged in the winds before harvest, and the risk of water-borne diseases is very high.

“In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters continue to occur and wreak havoc, and it is important we take all necessary precautions when responding. Access will be particularly challenging in this response, but we will do everything we can to reach the worst-hit, remote communities that require urgent assistance” says James McDowell.

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Staff on the ground in Honduras available for interview. Media enquiries should be directed to:

Abigail Drane, Global Emergency Response Communications Manager in (English)
+962 (0) 7 9954 5525

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