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We all need a place to call home.

Shelter provides vulnerable families with life-saving security and safety against bad weather, disease, and violence – especially in the early stages of a disaster or during man-made conflict.
It’s vital for human dignity, offering a sense of security in the face of great upheaval.
A well-built, strong shelter brings peace of mind and hope for the future..

Here’s how we make a difference.

Emergency Shelter

When disasters strike and destroy families’ homes, your support enables us to act swiftly to reach communities in crisis while focusing on survival and safety. We supply protective and durable shelter and essential household items to vulnerable families for immediate relief and warmth.

In times of crisis when people have fled their homes, we provide cash assistance when appropriate to vulnerable families seeking refuge in rented accommodations. This vital support allows families a dignified way to pay their rent so they have a place to live and purchase the items they need the most.


Recovery & Training

To safeguard against future disasters, we help families rebuild their homes back better than before using strong building materials and disaster-resilient construction methods. Medair works in close partnership with communities and includes families in the design and construction, which leads to a strong sense of ownership.

Shelter Improvements

In places like refugee settlements, we work alongside local builders to improve temporary shelters to make them warmer and safer for fleeing families. We also improve site conditions to make them healthier, safer places to live.

Our Impact


People received shelter support in Lebanon


People received emergency shelter support in South Sudan


People received training on safe-shelter promotion in Nepal

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