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When the dust of disaster clears, and the chaos and confusion of crisis subsides, that’s when the long, hard work of recovery begins.

Lives are saved by quickly responding to emergencies, but so much is lost in their wake. People have lost their homes, possibly even their livelihoods, and normal routines and ways of life have been changed forever.
Your sustained support enables us to stay with devastated communities to help families recover from crisis with dignity.

Here’s how we make a difference.

Build Back Better

To safeguard against future disasters, we help families rebuild their homes back better than before using strong building materials and disaster-resilient construction methods. Medair works in close partnership with families to ensure that supplies, design, and construction are of high quality, take local natural hazards into consideration, and meet their cultural preferences – an approach that empowers families as they rebuild.


Infrastructure Recovery

To increase humanitarian access to isolated communities, Medair supports road improvements and the construction of bridges and culverts. These are life-changing improvements that allow families access to better health care, schools, and markets. They also can make communities safer. We also help rehabilitate or construct quality sanitation facilities and water points so that people can access safe drinking water closer to home, allowing them more time to care for their families or earn an income.

Strengthen Health Clinics

We support year-round health clinics so that families have regular access to primary health care, obstetric care, and nutrition services.  Working with authorities, Medair strengthens health systems and improves the capacities and skills of local health workers with training and supervision, so that communities will receive better health care in the future, long after we leave.

Food Security 

Because of environmental factors such as floods and droughts, sudden conflict, and poverty, many farming families struggle to grow enough food to last through the entire year. Medair helps rural communities in places like Afghanistan develop and implement plans to cope with these shocks that put their lives and livelihoods at risk.

Our Impact


Vulnerable Jordanian families received livelihood training and cash grant in Jordan


Women attended kitchen-garden training and received 10 varieties of vegetable seeds in Afghanistan


People reached with safe-shelter promotion via radio broadcasts in Nepal

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