Refugee Crisis in Iraq



For most people living in north-eastern Syria, the recent military operations launched in early October were completely unexpected. With no time to prepare, people had to flee immediately to save their lives, often being separated from family members in the process.


Since then:

  • Over 17,500 refugees from north-east Syria have fled across the border into Iraq, carrying with them nothing but a few personal belongings.
  • Tens of thousands of more people are expected to arrive in the coming weeks and days.
  • 75 percent of refugees are believed to be women and children (UNHCR), which are among the most vulnerable in crisis situations.

“We were at home and the village was being
bombed. There were 10 of us and they all fled.
We stayed a short while longer but as the bombing continued, we fled too” said Sinu and his wife, Nijot, who arrived in Iraq early this Thursday morning. “Thankfully we’re safe, but we don’t know about the others.
Maybe they’re alive, maybe not.”

Please come alongside us to help Syrian refugees in urgent need today.