Emergency Appeal

Urgent help needed now in Lebanon



The Situation

The massive explosion on 4 August in the Port of Beirut—the country’s capital—threw the city into chaos. Right now:

  • More than 180 people have been killed and 6,500 people injured
  • 300,000 people need support.
  • Hospitals, already strained by COVID-19, are now completely overwhelmed and beyond capacity

This disaster is compounding the suffering of people in Lebanon, who already face economic downturn and COVID-19.

Your gift today can help bring urgent relief to those suffering in Lebanon right now.


Our Response

The highest needs at the moment are for shelter materials, medical care, basic hygiene and household items and food supplies, and mental health support.

People are living in homes with blown-out windows and doors, and which may be structurally unsound. They are fearful, traumatized, and worried for their future.  Our Beirut response will repair homes and ensure people are protected against the colder temperatures, and we will provide psychosocial support for the most vulnerable people in the city. So far, we have helped more than 10,000 people with supplies for home repairs, essential items for babies, and basic hygiene items. Our team of staff and volunteers mobilised within 36 hours of the blast and people will need our help well into 2021.