FIRE IN ROHINGYA CAMP: 45,000 People Affected

Urgent need for shelter!

A devastating fire has ravaged the homes of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. Some families have lost loved ones, and hundreds are still missing. Will you help us respond?


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The Situation

The situation is changing rapidly, but here is what we know so far: 45,000 people have been affected. Tragically, 15 people have lost their lives, and hundreds more are still missing. Health and shelter needs are extremely high. As people are sifting through the debris, the numbers of lost lives and missing family members continue to climb.

Shelters in the camp are constructed of bamboo – no match for the flames that ravaged the camp. People who have worked in the camp for several years say they’ve never seen anything like this.

Our Response

We are already distributing emergency shelter kits, and we have two mobile medical teams on stand-by.
‘Our team was stunned at the level of destruction in the camp today,’ says Rachel Hirons, our Country Director in Bangladesh.

We will be helping nearly 2,400 families – we can’t do it without you. In total, we need to raise 300,000$ immediately!