As the number of people contracting the new coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to rise, so does the risk to the people Medair serves around the world. Many have survived war, displacement or natural disasters and are now extremely vulnerable to the spread of the virus. In the countries where we operate, health systems are fragile and already stretched to provide for the urgent needs of people. COVID-19 is increasing pressure on these systems that are inadequately equipped to deal with an epidemic of this magnitude.

We need your help to respond.

Right now, Medair is training and equipping staff in the health facilities we are supporting to identify suspected cases, safely isolate patients, and temporarily care for and refer people showing symptoms to specialized testing and treatment centers. Medair’s community health workers and volunteers are also providing critical information to communities on prevention, and encouraging people with symptoms to seek care early.

You can help by making a donation; your gift will go to our Emergency Response Fund related activities’.

Please come alongside people living in these fragile conditions who are threatened by this virus. Your gift will provide emergency support in some of the world’s most vulnerable places.