I believe

tomorrow will be
a better day.

ACT TODAYChange tomorrow.

Dare to believe that tomorrow will be a better day.

When crisis is knocking on the door, it takes courage to keep believing.

Hope survives in the most unlikely places.

Have you noticed that even during disasters, some people manage to hang on to hope?  You see in their eyes that they keep believing, against all odds, that tomorrow will be a better day.

Ahmed lives in a camp in Yemen, crowded with people who have fled from the violence. In the camp, many suffer from hunger, malnutrition, and disease.

It can be hard to hold onto hope in Yemen these days, but still it survives. “We hope that anyone can help us in any way possible,” says Fatima, Ahmed’s mother. “The children are really living in harsh conditions. The rainy season caused so many health problems.”

Children like Ahmed are innocent bystanders during a brutal war. Families are torn apart, education has ground to a halt, and people are surviving on scraps of food.

Hope persists for people like Ahmed and Fatima. You can bring them the help they need.

It’s not too late: you can make a difference for Ahmed and his family. Act today. Change tomorrow.

I want to believe

my family will have a good
future and be safe.

“I’d like the war to stop—for people to be safe and the food to
not be expensive. Life has been hard, and it doesn’t make it
easy for the kids. I want them to know: Be patient when
issues arise. Never stop, whatever happens. Persist.
They should fight for a good life.”

– Samair, Farmer, Al Dhale’e governorate, Yemen

ACT TODAYChange tomorrow.

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