What type of organisation is Medair?

What are Medair’s values?

Do you have to be a Christian to work for Medair?

Does Medair evangelise?

Are Medair employees required to sign a statement of faith?

What is the language of employment within Medair?

What is the minimum level of English language required to work with Medair?

What is the minimum level of French language required to work in Medair’s French-speaking roles?

How do I apply to become a Medair Relief Worker?

What are the profiles sought for New Relief Workers?

What benefits does Medair provide to New Relief Workers?

What are the profiles sought for Experienced Relief Workers?

What benefits does Medair provide to Experienced Relief Workers?

What are the profiles sought for Headquarters Staff?

What benefits does Medair provide for Headquarters Staff?

I am interested in doing humanitarian work with Medair. How can I best prepare myself?

What are the potential risks in taking on a role in humanitarian work?

Do you need nutritionists?

I have some medical experience, but I understand that tropical medicine training will help me be more prepared to work as a relief worker in the medical sector with Medair. Where can I go for this training?

We are a couple and are interested in working as relief workers together. Is that possible?

I am married / I have a family, but I am willing to go to the field alone. Will I be able to do this with Medair?

I am divorced. Will Medair accept me to go to the field?

I would like to volunteer as a humanitarian aid worker in the field during the summer (or for a few months during the year). Is it possible to do that with Medair?

I have just finished my studies and would like to go to the field. Will Medair accept me?

Will you consider people with a military background as Experienced Relief Workers?

I would like to do my civil service as a New Relief Worker with Medair but I only need to complete a part of the year. Can I do this with Medair?


When will I hear if I have been accepted for the ROC?

How much does the ROC cost?

Does the ROC involve physical activities?

How soon after the ROC can I expect to leave for the field?

I live in a country where Medair works. Do I need to complete the ROC to work with Medair?

I do not have a credit card. Is there any other way I can make the ROC payment?

Who can I contact if I still have questions?